Attractions: Barcaldine

Attractions - Barcaldine

Saint Peter's Anglican Church Image

Saint Peter's Anglican Church

83 Elm Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Saint Peter's Anglican Church is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Outback Queensland. The...More
Barcaldine Masonic Lodge Image

Barcaldine Masonic Lodge

24 Beech Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Located in Beech Street, the Masonic Lodge is a national heritage listed building which houses a working Masonic...More
Barcaldine War Memorial Clock Image

Barcaldine War Memorial Clock

Ash and Beech Streets, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
When the people of Barcaldine were asked what type of memorial would be appropriate to salute the 292 local men who...More
Radio Picture Theatre Image

Radio Picture Theatre

4 Beech Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
The Radio Picture Theatre is a classic Art Nouveau movie theatre, with the original canvas seating and painted...More
Between the Bougainvilleas Heritage Trail Image

Between the Bougainvilleas Heritage Trail

Oak Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Between the Bougainvilleas is an award winning heritage trail, which showcases some of Barcaldine’s varied and...More
Tree Of Knowledge Memorial Image

Tree Of Knowledge Memorial

Oak Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
The historic Tree of Knowledge is famous for being the birthplace of the Australian Labour movement. The tree was...More
Barcaldine Windmill Image

Barcaldine Windmill

Oak Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Located in Oak Street, the Windmill is a symbol of the importance of Artesian Water plays to Outback Queensland. ...More
Lagoon Creek Image

Lagoon Creek

Landsborough Highway, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Lagoon Creek on the outskirts of Barcaldine is a popular walking and birdwatching area. There are two kilometres of...More
Lloyd Jones Weir Image

Lloyd Jones Weir

Lloyd Jones Weir, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Lloyd Jones weir is situated 14 kilometres south west of Barcaldine. It is a camping, recreation and fishing area. ...More
Barcaldine and District Museum Image

Barcaldine and District Museum

75 Gidyea Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Barcaldine and District Museum is housed in the old National Bank Building. There are displays containing...More
Australian Workers Heritage Centre Image

Australian Workers Heritage Centre

94 Ash Street, Barcaldine, QLD 4725
Discover at your own pace the Australian Workers Heritage Centre - a place of reflection, within this museum...More