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Australian Unity
114 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC
Travel Guide - Australian Unity is a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organisation providing services to more than half a million Australians.

As a mutual company with a 173 year history, Australian Unity has developed a strong focus on taking care of members.

This purpose was forged in previous centuries when governments did not provide the social and welfare services that many Australians now take for granted.

Today, the nation is facing increasing pressures from an ageing population. Australians are faced with new challenges. These include creating financial security in an increasingly uncertain economic environment, dealing with the rise of chronic diseases, and finding a secure and healthy life in retirement.

Australian Unity is uniquely placed to help Australians deal with these challenges. We are a diversified group of businesses offering healthcare, financial services and retirement solutions to around 600,000 customers, including more than 320,000 members nationwide. We employ around 1,805 staff in various locations across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Our products and services are designed to enable customers to achieve and enable wellbeing. Our understanding of wellbeing is derived from ten years, with Deakin University, of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.

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